Wireless router

Every Wi-Fi router owner knows situations when there are some troubles with Internet connection. It the most popular reason of router’s resetting. Do you know that doing this is necessary for correct work.

Why it’s necessary to reset home Wi-Fi router?

Routers is electronic device like personal computer, so you don’t use your PC 24/7, because there can be some troubles with hardware.

Internet providers give everyone Internet user special IP address for comfortable sending and receiving information. Mostly, static addresses are used by people, who has own business, and pay for it more.

Your laptop or smartphone IP address can be changed at every moment. If router can’t catch signal, network connection will falls . That’s when resetting can establish your device.

Nowadays, people connect a lot of devices to one wireless network. That’s one of the most famous reason of troubles with router. Technologies have new upgrades. Manufacturers try to do routers, which can share the Internet with the biggest number of devices.

When you connect a lot of devices, router could be crashed or work will be slower. Medium class routers can have troubles with download requests. Reset will solve this problem easily.

Routers can find channels with less traffic, which would increase your connection speed.

Moreover, you can try to reload router by using web-interface. The most popular IP addresses are 192.168.l.l, 192.168.l.254, 192.168.O.1.

If your problems don’t want to capitulate, maybe you need to buy the newest model of router. 802.11ac standart, which is used in modern and high quality routers, can processes about 20 devices. 802.11g standard, which was developed in 2003, can handle about two or three devices. Twenty-first century provides you to use routers which can offer you 900 megabits per second signal speed. For example, old models can provide only 100 Mbps.

The best variant of time, when you would reset you router is morning or night, because usually there are no one from your family doesn’t use Internet connection at this time of day. If you have troubles with memory, you can use  outlet timer adapter, which will recycle power at specified time.

Default adapter’s, which was developed for using with Christmas lights, is about $15 . If you want buy the most comfortable adapter, you can search for adapters with more advanced setting, where you can configure day of week, month and other features.